Sunday, September 6


Greetings, dear reader!

We're back from our 2 week jaunt and OH MY GOODNESS! Isn't it hard to come home again after having been gone so long? At least, it is for ME! I never realize how much I miss "home" until I'm back in our little 750 sq. feet of bliss. :-)

One thing I must tell you, gentle reader: This country, the United States, is SO beautiful! I could spend the rest of my days just flitting from place to place within our borders and be perfectly content. Although we are not an ancient country, we are most definitely a DIVERSE one! In our short two weeks I've seen:

deserts blooming
rugged mountains
vast plains
jagged peaks
rolling hills
sand, clay, dirt
sudden thunderstorms
gentle breezes
howling winds
extreme heat
extreme cold
marvels, both natural and man made

Truly incredible. In the next several posts I'll be sharing with you some of the photos taken while meandering over the countryside. I hope you enjoy!

Here is the first you know, our meager beginnings took us to Route 66 in Missouri...and SINCE we were in Missouri, we HAD to stop by and see the grandbaby...of COURSE!

Our first stop along the way...

Helping the grandson get his Jeep running...

Apparently high gear is the ONLY gear for this boy! Bud and his mom try to keep up with no avail!

I catch him long enough for a photo...and then we're off to a fave restaurant for dinner:

Ocean Zen! Really FABulous atmosphere and WONDERFUL food!

Next post: More photos of our travels AND the little camping album I started!

Hugs and kisses,
Paula Clare


creative breathing said...

Paula, I can't wait to see your Route 66 photos! It looks the start of the vacation was a favorite stop off! My e-mail is I will post your tags as soon as I have your address. Welcome Home! Elizabeth

Paula Clare said...

Hi Elizabeth! Thanks so much for stopping by...I think I took over 400 photos...but I'm sure I won't be able to post them ALL! Stay tuned!