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Greetings dear reader!

I am writing to you "LIVE" from the "winner's circle" at Creative Breathing! Elizabeth is famous (or should I say, "infamous") for her puzzle giveaways. Well, I am miserably terrible at puzzles...especially things like Rhebus puzzles, (picture puzzles) etc. However, I am PERSISTENT. So I guessed. And guessed. And guessed again. In fact, I guessed so many times I don't know WHAT the right answer was...but I WON! I WON!

Can YOU figure it out? Here's the clue:

PUZZLE: This garland is keeping a secret. What is the secret it is trying to tell you?

HINT: THE ORNAMENTS APPEAR OUT OF ORDER in the instructional post, but are hanging in the correct order below. Why is this?

Isn't it the cutest little thing? AND it's red and aqua! I am beyond thrilled! You really need to go check out Beth's blog posts for this garland...she even included patterns! I personally think they are beyond me, but many of you are not the sad seamstresses I am!

Speaking of sad seamstresses, I have completed my first sewing project...which consisted of several parts:

1. Figure out how to thread the sewing machine.
2. Figure out how the bobbin/tension work on the sewing machine
3. Figure out how you sew AND control the foot pedal at the same time.
4. Read the pre-printed instructions for the pre-printed project.
5. Sew the project.

Okay, bear in mind that in Beginner's Sewing I had to turn in my sewing project 4 times to get a "D". Yes. Sad. But, quote the illustrious Bill Murray, aka BOB, from "What About Bob"(who was deathly afraid of water and then decided, to conquer his fear (so that he could be near the daughter of his beloved psychiatrist) strapped himself to the mast of a sailboat) and cried, "I'm SAILING! I'm SAILING!" The very same words were squealed as I successfully accomplished the above 5 steps, AND created something that actually RESEMBLES the pattern! "I'M SEWING! I'M SEWING!"You may stand and raise a raucous cheer here)

So, without further adieu: (drumroll please...)

(insert Space Odyssey 2001 music here)


Apron Front
Apron Reverse

Apron Detail

And a couple of peeks from my art journal (me thinks I am on a proverbial "roll" as far as stitching goes!) I bought artist canvas by the yard at JoAnn Fabrics, (waaaaaay cheaper that way). and then cut the pieces to about 8.5 x 11, just to paint, stamp, and embellish. They can be cut to size later.

If you click on the pictures, you can see much more detail. I used Distress Paints for the background, and inks, glimmer sprays, and distress inks for the stamps. I have used rubons, fabric swatches, hand-dyed ribbon, and other embellishments (I'm not NEARLY done with the embellishing!)

More soon!



Paula Clare

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