Saturday, June 27


Greetings, dear reader!

Hubby Dear, Webster and I are back from our camping jaunt, and I decided to share with you a few random things:

First, what's with this heat?

It's killing me, I tell you! We took Webbie to the groomer and got him a buzz cut, hoping he'll manage the heat. (A photo of our "bald" little dog when my camera batteries are revived)

In other news:

I was looking at my craft studio, overrun with all things shiny and creative, and it occurred to me: I AM A MAGPIE. I collect and bring home anything that catches my eye...shiny, colorful, useful or not, these glorious "treasures" find their way to my tiny home. "What (you ask) are these treasures you speak of?"

1. Cupcakes. Faux Cupcakes. Cupcake Candles. Cupcake Photo holders. Cupcake Placemats. Cupcake Pedestals.

2. Writing Implements. Pens. Pencils. Inks. Nibs. Charcoal. Markers. All useful...all used. At some point.

3. Journals. (In my defense I had every intention of filling each it is, there are probably an average of 5 entries per journal). Handmade. Home made. Extravagant. Cheap. Gifts. Salvage rescues. Lined. Unlined. Blank.

4. Ribbon and Sewing Notions. (HERE is where I can recognize my "illness" for what it is...I cannot really sew a stitch...and yet...) I recently purchased two shoeboxes FULL of vintage ribbon. For TWO DOLLARS! (tell me YOU could have passed up such a bargain?!?) Most all of my notions are separated by color...which makes them much easier to utilize...however, again, storage is becoming an issue. (HOORAY FOR HUBBY WHO HAS COME TO MY RESCUE WITH ADDITIONAL STORAGE! Certainly he knows not what he has done!)

And then, dear reader...I run across the ultimate piece of Magpie Majesty...from the fine procurers of all things FAB (Anthropologie) I give you...


You simply MUST go to Anthropologie and check out the details of this monument to the art of recycling. AND for a mere $4800 you too could own a little piece of South African history. I don't balk too much at the price tag for several reasons a) it's art b) the South African artists who create it are paid a fair wage for doing so...and c) have you LOOKED at the detail? It's AWESOME!

Anyway, I will be back tomorrow with more news and pictures of our recent camping trip!

More soon!


Paula Clare

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