Thursday, April 23


Greetings, dear readers!

(*realizing only Rolling Stones fans will catch the title of this post...also realizing this reeeeeeeeeally dates me)

Progress in the land of "canned ham renos" The hitch has been installed on the van (WOOHOO! Go hubby!) and we are now on the prowl for (oh this is exciting, hold on to your seats) chemical toilet (for I will take this camping thing only so far) and a teeny tiny air conditioner. The propane tanks have been sanded and repainted, and the tongue of the camper shall be painted a lovely hammered black. Looking for a spare tire and aqua paint to complete the exterior makeover. Doesn't sound like a lot I realize, but with me working so much and dear hubby''s layoff shortly coming to an end (hallelujah) we will have to get done what we can in the evenings.

Meanwhile, he spends his after dark hours staked out on his computer relentlessly searching Craigslist for needed parts and various assorted sundries to make our maiden voyage a more pleasant one. What a guy...

I am going to watch the movie "The Long, Long Trailer" with Lucy and Desi. While our camper is not by any means a long trailer, I fear the hilarious scenarios will be all too familiar. Behold:

More soon!


Paula Clare

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