Saturday, January 24


Greetings, dear reader!

Here are the last 8 things about me...I'm sure you're all RIVETED and awaiting my post with anticipation that nears hysteria...and so I shall get on with it! lol

9. I was in a 6 person music group (a sextet) in Junior High and won the Illinois state competition! (I still sing and remember the song we sang: "Stay with us sweet songster, lovely nightingale..." (SHEESH)

10. I played clarinet from 4th grade through 7th grade. I hated every moment of it. (I wanted to play the trumpet instead)

11. When I was 7 years old I remember watching my mom as she read "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee." She was often sniffling and quietly left a very vivid mental snapshot in my head.

12. I love the beach...the sand, the sea, the surf. But I can't swim a stroke. Never learned as a kid. Tried to teach myself via the "sink or swim" method...I sunk. Twice. And had to be dragged to the shore by my sister in law. How humiliating...twice in one day!?

13. My favorite number is and has always been (as long as I can remember) 7.

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14. I ALWAYS drive. Driving relaxes me. My husband prefers to be chauffeured. I prefer NOT to passively ride. It's a perfect fit. We're kinda like Driving Miss Daisy...except reversed.

15. Hubby dear and I are actively seeking out a "canned ham". (a vintage camper...behold the HAM)

16. And FINALLY, I am a closet cowgirl. Yes. It's true. I LOVE cowgirl paraphenalia ...something between a genuine "out west" cowgirl and a junk gypsy.

There you have it, dear reader! 16 little known (or cared about) facts about me. Go ahead. Laugh your fool heads off...I shan't be disuaded!


Paula Clare

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Miss Angie said...

These were great!!! I love learning things like this about my friends...I don't know why it's of such interest to me. I must say your "cowgirl" persona I would have never guessed!!

And the retro camper aka "canned ham"...would you believe my sister in law has not one but two, count them two, of those little beauties!! And here's the real zinger....they NEVER travel anywhere farther then the local grocery store! These little gems sit on their property like lawn ornaments..Go figure?? But she keeps them neat as a pin...for what reason...I dare say I shall never know??

These were fun to read!!!! I loved it!!!