Tuesday, January 27


Greetings dear reader!

I come to you this evening in a bit of a fog...I had been awake for several DAYS (with only brief nodding in between) and finally could take it no longer. I ingested a goodly amount of Advil PM (only the recommended dose...don't worry!) at 10:30 pm and promptly waited to drift off to dreamland. At 1:30 a.m., I was awaiting dreamland still. And at 3:30, I gave up the fight and got up to sit on the couch. Since I was awake already, I took hubby dear to work, and then came home and promptly PASSED OUT at 7 a.m. I knew nothing again until late this afternoon when I was jolted back to life by a phone call reminding me of a counseling appointment. ARGH! WHO would be out driving in this mess? When I found out the client had to drive further than I did to get to the office, I succumbed to the inevitable and went in to work. Now, it is almost 24 hour later, and I am again feeling Sister Insomnia sneaking about. *sigh*

I am also here to give you fair warning that I am feeling quite nostalgic regarding my former days of travel and cultural experiences. I plan to share a few of those with you in photos...however I must scan said photos first, so if you will kindly give me a day or two, I will be back with "proof positive" of my travels.

Meanwhile, we in Southern Illinois are "iced in" and all is "crunchy" around us. I plan to venture out with Webster the Wonder Dog tomorrow, and will photograph the antics that ensue.

Stay warm! More soon!


Paula Clare


scrappysue said...

insomnia - argh! hope you get back to a good sleep routine soon paula!

Miss Angie said...

Hmm....perhaps I should bring you a rubber mallet?? *kidding* Hope you are feeling more "drowsy" soon!!