Tuesday, November 18


Greetings, dear reader!

Wanted to show you a quick Christmas ornament...made with a favorite "recycled" product:

The STARBUCKS JINGLE CUP! Designer Wilna Furstenberg came up with this little treasure. It's super simple to make:

First, I suggest you purchase a holiday Mocha Peppermint Twist from Starbucks. Venti (XL) is great, but Tall works a bit better for this project!

1. Using red glitter glue, cover the red part of the cup.

2. Using white glitter glue, cover the white parts of the cup.

3. Cut a circle from Christmas paper to fit the top of the lid and glue.

4. Add a bell to the ribbons

5. Using a craft knife, make a slit in the lid and loop ribbon(s) through. Be sure to glue or tape ribbons to inside top of cup

6. Add some glitter to the rim of the lid

7. Drop or string 2 or 3 bells to the inside of the cup

8. Adhere the lid to the cup

9. Add a tag, ribbons, decorations, or more bells!

Add a Starbucks gift card and you've got a great little gift package that hints of what's inside!

Ornaments not your thing? How about a Starbucks Christmas Card?

Simply flatten the Starbucks Tall Cup. Trace cup onto cardstock. Fold both in half. Use brads, eyelets, staples, ribbons, or needle and thread to adhere cardstock to inside of cup. Crease fold with a bone folder. Now simply add a holiday greeting with rub-ons, a photo, or tape a Starbucks gift card to the cardstock! Voila! A wonderfully festive red and "green" way to recycle!

More soon!



Miss Angie said...

Coffee and art...art and coffee, could it get any better?? Me thinks not!!! Very cute frugal idea for the coffee lover in your life!!! It's such a good thing:)

Love and Latte~

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Very cute!
And now I want coffee!

Tina said...

Very cute! I love to use those cardboard sleeves too..

scrappysue said...

so cute! and pratical too. what a great idea

Cat said...

Oh I love them!! I got my ATC's by the way and all of your wonderful gifts. Thank you so much. We had to take the Owl and the Vampire off the front because Tate HAD to have them. He thought the package was for him and he played with the ATCs for quite some time. I love them!! Where did you get the creepy playing cards?? Nice touch, btw. I've been using every spare moment on a quilt for my mom, so I haven't been paper crafting. Can't wait to get back to it :) Have a great week!!