Sunday, November 16


Greetings, dear reader!

I hope this finds you staying warm and getting used to the idea that winter is nearly upon us?! I am less than thrilled at the prospect, however, there ARE good things that happen during the winter months:

  • many of the bug-gy creatures go dormant and/or die off
  • many of the germs do likewise
  • Thanksgiving!
  • Christmas!
And now I add to the list, my youngest son's wedding! November 22 is the big day, and I am busy as a mad hatter getting things ready for the gala event:

Meanwhile, between bursts of wedding madness, I am still creating goodies for my shop. This little treasure has a much more practical use (which, ask anyone who knows me, is NOT my typical!). Behold the Holiday Planner:

It includes:

  • Travel Itinerary
  • Budget Worksheet
  • Christmas Card List
  • Craft Supply List
  • Gift Ideas
  • Black Friday Coupons & Ads
  • November & December Calendars
  • Master Task List
I also added lots of 9x12 and 6x9 envelopes, to hold ads, coupons, cards, photos, and other miscellany. I joined the SisTV's "30 Days to a Handmade Holiday Online Class" and so have my Master Supply List as well as Class Schedule.

I will be stamping and decorating and adding visual goodies to the planner up until and through the holiday season. I DO after all have the title of "Queen of Embellishments" to live up to!

What are YOU doing to prepare for the coming holidays?

More soon!


Paula Clare


Debbie said...

I love your planner Paula. So cute, can't wait to see it. The kids are so cute in that pic...can't wait till the big day. On my end the flowers are almost complete, and its about time to start the cake and bake cookies and the such...then it will be travel time to enjoy the BIG Day, can't wait.



Miss Angie said...

I love your planner!! How cute!! I'm not quite THAT organized and well thought out. *grins* Congratulations to Paul!! I believe they will have a "Wonderful Life"...and be workers together for Christ. I know you are so proud of him...and with good reason!!


Rebecca Ramsey said...

What a great planner!
And how happy--a wedding! Your son and his bride to be make such a cute couple! Congrats to you all!

scrappysue said...

all the best for the wedding - what an exciting time!

Cat said...

AMAZING PLANNER!! And how exciting for you with the wedding coming up. And you STILL manage to make all the wonderful creations that you do. You inspire me :)