Monday, October 27


Greetings, dear readers!

While realizing I am making this announcement hot on the heels of zombie cupcakes created for All Hallows Eve, I am simply SO excited (and torn) I MUST share the news:

BOTH Elsie AND SisTV are having online classes...30 projects between now and Christmas! OH MY GOODNESS! Both are in an effort to spark the "buy/make handmade" for Christmas gifts this year. I don't know about YOUR budget, but the budget in the Clouse House is spread about as thin as I'd like it to be. Between gas prices and groceries, and the immediate impact that has on people, counseling for most is WAAAAAY down the list somewhere. (Like our mental health is somehow less important than our physical health! But DON'T get me started on THAT soapbox!)

I dilemma is this: WHICH CLASS? What projects? SisTV is an affordable $30 and with folks like Wilna Furstenberg involved, I KNOW there will be a lot of "bang for your buck." All the Fashionistas are incredibly generous and's a peak at a few of the gifts we'd be making:

However, ALSO with an online class is the incredible Elsie Flannigan. She is one of my scrapbooking heroes . I just love her quirky and original style! Here are HER projects:


Here's Elsie's description of her class:

This is a 6 week online class (beginning on November 10th and wrapping up just before Christmas)! I have a personal goal of making most of my Christmas gifts this year & I hope that this class will inspire some people to create handmade gifts as well!

Each week you will enjoy 5 new projects, which you can work on at your own pace. Projects come as tutorials, videos, step-by-steps and/or downloadable PDFs (whichever is most appropriate for the specific project!). All projects come with lots of photos & inspiration!

These are a few of the projects we will be creating:
-Scrapbooks (5 mini books and 1 12x12 album full of handmade embellishments!)
-Creative Photography Tutorials
-Felt Doll Patterns
-Embroidery Patterns (including a holiday set I created exclusively for this class!)
-Handmade Gifts (journals, stockings, toys & charms!)
-Holiday Decor Tutorials & Patterns
-Felt Charm Necklace & Bracelet tutorial
-Holiday Gift Wrap & Tag Tutorial.

*Each week also includes a private chat and journaling challenges!

Class fee is $60 (it's only $2 per project! :D)

The thought that I'd have a chance to work directly with Elsie is beyond exciting...what to do? WHAT TO DO? Thoughts?

Meanwhile, as you (and I) ponder this wonderful debacle (I shan't ponder long for I fear both classes will fill super fast. Can you say, PANIC?!?!?) take a gander at this!

Isn't it beyond FABULOUS? It's my first little Christmas trinket of the year, hand made by the amazing Tina Wright of Paper Cowgirl fame. She's my soldering hero! Look at this beauty (also on my Christmas list):

Little Shrine Necklace Wire nest with Wings

Little Shrine Necklace Wire nest with Wings

Beyond gorgeous, yes? I've got a soldering iron on my Christmas list...I figure, the worst I can do is make an enormous mess and set something on fire. What's to worry? LOL! I know I won't be able to pull off this kind of artistry, but I figure it might be a fun hobby to attempt. (My sister says I'm a "Dabbler"...that's an artist who has no specific medium but tries her hand at ANYTHING...EVERYTHING! I must confess I like the title!) And so a dabbling I shall go!

More soon!


Paula Clare


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Ooh...thanks for introducing me to these classes--and to Tina's work. Wow! I love discovering new artists!

Tina said...

Thanks for showing us those classes! I'm off to check them out! And THANK YOU for the shout out for my work!! Your my biggest fan PC (next to my hubby)

Miss Angie said...

What wonderful classes...and what a terrible dilemma!! It all looks wonderful!! The necklace was to me thinking about some small match boxes I have that are just screaming to be "altered"!

Miss Angie

Cat said...

I saw the Elsie class, and it looks like you get a TON of ideas, but I just can't do the $60...I might do the SISTv one. Thanks for showing us these :)