Tuesday, October 28


Greetings, dear reader!

A friend surprised me today with a wonderful new Halloween friend! Behold, Crazy Jack:

Isn't he adorable in a whacked-out, crazy kind of way? I LOVE HIM! And talk about hiding it under a bushel...this woman is a sewing DIVA! THANK YOU SYNDA for making my day!

Meanwhile, I have been inspired (between bouts of relapsing flu) by the incredible Regiane Santos from Brazil. I just love her very green, use-ever-little-scrap style. Anyway, taking my cues from her, I created this 2009 desk calendar. (I warn you, it is not very clean and neat for those of you neatniks who like to have an organized work space!)

More soon!


Paula Clare
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Regiane Santos said...

Hi Paula,

WOW! I love the birds!!
Very cool, I´m so happy!!!
I realy love when my work is used as inspiration...
I put some pictures of your calendar on my blog...



Cat said...

I love that you used all kinds of scraps! It makes me want to dig through all of my stuff and see what I can put together.

Miss Angie said...

I love the calendar!! How artsy/crafty!! I just adore the "ever so homemade" feel of it!! Very cute!!!

Miss Angie