Friday, September 12


Greetings, dear reader!

The title of this post is taken from my favorite (and yours) TV psychiatrist, Frasier Crane. His opening line while hosting a radio show was always, "I'm Listening." (My sister Peggy, being the amazing gift giving "hoot" that she is, presented me with a plaque engraved with this quote upon the occasion of my receiving a bachelors degree in Psychology. Always the perfect gift giver!)

I digress...the reason for this post is to ask YOU, dear reader, the following:

"Is there is an AltAred Art related subject you would like for me to address in a 'how to' video?"

A "fan" and dear friend has asked me to do a video on "Must Have Tools" for the altered art artist. (In my last video I referred to a handy gadget called a Crop-o-dile...not only had she not heard of said gadget, but has never laid eyes on one! Can you imagine?!?!) I admit I have been in the scrapbooking/altered art world for so long I fear I have adopted the vocabulary without much explanation...forgetting there are newbies out there who are just discovering the amazing world of altered art and hybrid scrapbooking!

If you are an auditory as well as a visual learner, then videos will enhance your ability to learn moreso than a written blog post. (Even a post with pictures!) So this is your chance!

What would be most helpful to you? What would you like to see me explain and/or create? I am planning a video where I create an altered book step by step. What would you need to know in trying to create along with me?

Please leave a comment here and let me know what you'd like me to include...remember, here at the Palace "THERE ARE NO STUPID QUESTIONS!" I believe questions are a sign of growth...and so I say, HOORAY! Ask away!

Before I go, a word from our dear psychiatrist:

More soon!


Paula Clare


Bunny B said...

Hmmm... I wouldn't know what to ask yet. Would love to see your video first! :)

kari and kijsa said...

Can't wait to see the video!!

kari & kijsa

Miss Angie said...

WOO HOO....what to buy and how to do!!! That sounds wonderful to me!!! I'm that audio/visual learner you spoke of!!! :)

Grins & Giggles~
Miss Angie

Alex said...

Good evening...I found your site via Wonders Never Cease (Rebecca). I love your site...I plan to return. :)

Miss Angie said...

Is it illegal to post 2 comments?? Well,I suppose I shall take my chances :) Being a newbie at altered art...I would like to find out how and where you get inspiration? Do you always have a certain "theme" for your projects? Or do you sometimes simply add elements at random? If you do an altered art book do you always carry one theme throughout the book? (am I exhausting you yet? lol) OK...I'll hush now!!! Can't wait for the videos to start have a wonderful, comical "stage presence" by the way! :) I LOVE IT!

Miss Angie