Wednesday, September 24


Greetings, dear readers!

In the midst of trying to "set up shop" as well as pay some kind of attention to my "day job", I have enrolled in two online classes, 1 paper cowgirl retreat and 1 swap. I've told you about the Sweet and Sinister Swap at Artsy Mama's...and the Paper Cowgirl Retreat happening this weekend in Waxahachie, Texas (oh how I wish I could be there!) I have also been busy with Wilna Furstenburg's Cupcakes and Coffee Class. Here are the projects we've made so far:

A cute little album made from a Starbucks coffee cup!

We even used the little sleeve that comes with the cup to keep your hand from being scalded! Behold la petite album:

And a cupcake canvas..complete with glittering icing!

And a mirror mosaic tile album

And (I'm on a roll, right?) Cupcake Coasters

And Glittering Cupcake Paper Clips!

And, I've been making projects for Teresa McFayden's Bellaween Zine as is a sample of those creations:

And of course you know I couldn't let the Halloween season go by without introducing a few of my creepy doll heads into the decor!

Okay, so this one's not creepy. I think it's sweet. I'm trying to stay on the sweet, vintage side of sweet and sinister this year...speaking of sweet, look what my swap partner sent me in my box of Sweet and Sinister Goodies!

A sweet little vintage kids costume! Isn't it precious? I just LOVE it! She also sent me a spice rack FULL of cleverly disguised scrapbooking supplies, (photos to come!) and very cool orange wreath and a TON of really cute Halloween darling little grandson comes rushing to mind as I begin to use the albums and look for a "subject" to make the center of all my creations!

I'm working on my AltAred Art videos...I'll let you know when my premiere segment debuts! lol

More soon!


Paula Clare


She'sSewPretty said...

That cupcake album is so cute!! I am loving all of the Halloween decorations I've been seeing. So much fun!

Miss Angie said...

I love the Starbucks album...WHERE do ya'll get these ideas...I could think for 10 years and never come up with something like that! Scores a 10 on the cuteness scale!! I have to ask about all these people cutouts you use.(like the ones circling the candle. Do you buy these already cut out like this or do you sit and cut these out by hand...I MUST know how that is done!!! Please!!!

I'm not going there on the doll head thing.....*smirk*

Miss Angie

Krissysart said...

Wow. How much fun are you having? Those projects are adorable and I bet you had a blast! Someday....sigh....when I actually have free time (what's that?)...perhaps I'll follow your lead!
Krissy said...

What sweet cupcakes!!!

Cat said...

The cupcake stuff--too cute. What's it like to take an online scrap class?? Is it worth the $$? I have never done it, but I love your creations from Wilna's class.

Paula Clare said...

Hi Cat! Thanks for stopping by!

Yes, yes, YES! A thousand times yes! Online classes are "da bomb!" Especially if you take a class with Wilna Furstenburg! She ALWAYS gives you WAY MORE than you pay for...and she is a very attentive teacher that listens and hears your questions and comments. I would DEFINITELY recommend taking one of HER classes for your first online builds great commradery between the students too! We even started a blog where we can all hang out and keep the good inspiration going!

Teresa McFayden's classes are great also. Every M,W,F is a new project, so you always have time to work on your project til you get it done. Also well worth the money. Both classes were a mere $20 plus supplies. (which you furnish yourself)A WONDERFUL experience...let me know when/if you take one and I'll sign up so we can take the class together! Won't that be SWELL?!?!?!


Melinda Cornish said...

I love the dollhead display and that candle!!!! Awesome....i found you on Fannies site....beautiful art.....Melinda

Tina said...

Love your halloweeny stuff!! and that Coffee sleeve book it soo cute it makes my teeth :O)