Saturday, August 16


Greetings, dear readers!

I am SO excited to share with you the amazing parcel found in my mailbox today:

My much awaited "Subversive Embroidery" ... from the Inspiring Ngaire Bartlam!

Aren't the colors just dreeeeeeeammy? I love it! She also sent me this FAB little aqua and red number...and for those of you wondering, YES, it IS going in my kitchen! (It seems apropos since my kitchen is one place in my home where I must HEAVILY rely on my creative skills!) The kitschy little banner reads: "Creating is the True Essence of Life."

And THEN, as if all this fabulousness weren't enough, she sent me THESE oddities:

MUSK FLAVORED LifeSavers. " cry? WHY would I want to eat something that smells like perfume?" Well, all I can say, dear reader, is mock me not! They are truly yummy...they taste like patchouli smells...and...well...I like them! Perhaps it's a food diva thing. Perhaps I have lost what little is left of my mind? Alas, I stand before you without excuse. I REALLY LIKE THEM! (She also sent Aussie chocolate which is currently in the frig "reforming". It got here a bit...melty. :-) )

A thousand thank you s dear friend! Thank you for the time and effort and perpetual inspiration you are to me! I am SO GLAD I discovered the incredible person/artist that is YOU!

More Soon!

Paula Clare


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