Thursday, August 7


Greetings, dear reader!

I am back again with a layout created for the Creative Therapy Blog. The theme was "What's Your Dream Home?"

I had initially made this project for the Dream Home catalyst on the Creative Therapy Blog. However, I did not get it done in time. THIS time, the design team has allowed us to pick ANY catalyst to work on to enter for the fabulous I'm entering my "Dare to Dream" grungeboard project. I made this at a time when dreaming for ANY reason was especially difficult; so there was definitely a therapeutic element to my creating it.

In making my Grungeboard project, I used (obviously) Grungeboard and the paint chips, photos, and write ups found in the home repair/paint department at Lowe's. It was great fun shopping for the "dream rooms" as well as being able to decide what paint colors I wanted to use (in my dream world, I can HAVE the most coveted designer paint!) And so, here's my dream home:

The photos in the above project were taken from our trip to Antigua, West Indies. It is truly the inspiration for the "cottage by the sea" that we long for. Are you surprised that our "dream home" would be by the sea? (Especially given my previous tirade about humidity?) Well there's tropical islands that ARE indeed humid,(likeJamaica) and then there are other tropical islands that are tropical but NOT humid and infact, experience drought. Antigua is one of those islands...always tradewinds...always lovely. We've truly never been to a place we loved as much.

Wilna Furstenberg was the guest designer for the challenge. She also had a "Happy Birdies" challenge over at Scrap In Style. She created the darling little birds on my layout. You can download them here:

This precious sweetie is my first memory of loving as a grandma. I'd always heard it is the greatest, but I never really "got it" until I met this little guy. This is one of his most recent photos...I tell you I just want to pinch his little cheeks every time I see a picture of him.

The journaling reads: Grandbabies are SO Tweet! It's corny. I know. But I'm a gramma and I can do what I want! It IS my blog after all! Enjoy!

More soon!


Paula Clare


LizzyJ said...

How sweet! I don't think it's corny at all. And you're right this IS YOUR BLOG and you can do anything you want. Thanks for sharing :)


Wilna said...

this is AWESOME!!!!
You should UPLOAD it to the CT blog... they have a rak each week too for those who participate!!
I LOVE your page!!!

: )

Anonymous said...

Isn't that CUTE!!! Great job on that. He's grown so fast!


Karen said...

this is absolutely beautiful!!! thank you so much for sharing with us!!

Giggles said...

Loved this post....wonderful warm colors, fresh and clean. I have a similar color in my kitchen,,,,it's Benjamin Moore apple green! I love it! Hey if you put it out there, there is a large possibility of it coming true!! First step is knowing what you want!

Hugs Giggles

Miss Angie said...

What can I say?? Just three words.....FAB-U-LOUS!!!! A dream home...that is such an inspiring idea!!! Your creation was marvelous!!! I must attempt something like this...hmmmmm, perhaps a winter home AND a summer home?? Summers in some shabby chic bunglow on the beach and fall & winters in a snug cabin in Vermont? With a roaring fire in the enormous stone fireplace...and snow falling outside the window, a warm cup of cocoa.......AHHHHHHHHHH!!! Yes, I am off to find some pictures!!! Oh, and thank you again for the package!! I loved everything!!!!

Big Squeeze to You~
Miss Angie