Friday, August 8


Greetings, dear reader! I hope you've had a happy Friday? Mine has been FABulous. There has been a break in the 1000 degree weather (okay, that's a SLIGHT exaggeration...but only SLIGHT mind you!) so I can actually BREATHE today! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Breathing is GOOD. Anyway, I've been creating for a good part of the day and thought I'd share a few of my creations with you.

Behold the acrobats:

Another of Sandra Evertson's zany designs. It's so much fun to make the acrobat "booooooooooing" on the springy wire. :-) (I'm easily amused, what can I say?)

Next, I give you a reeeeeeeeally easy papercraft...Higgins the playing card jester:

Super easy...cut limb shapes out of playing cards...glue feet hands and head (wouldn't YOUR head look nice on the jester?!) onto appropriate limbs...add a bookprint hat...cropodile at the joints for movement and voila! A fun little guy to hang around the office and/or computer desk. (He will even do a little mid afternoon jig for you if you don't install his eyelets too tight!)

And then finally, I've been wanting to make something very know, orange, harvest GOLD and AVOCADO green? (DID SHE REEEEEALLY SAY THAT?!?!) I got a piece of designer (Oleg Cassini) fabric from my husband's mother's estate, and it was SOoooooo wonderfully "mod" I just HAD to hang onto it for the perfect project. I stumbled upon a set of these FAB vintage mugs, and decided to make pincushions out of the orange, yellow and brown ones...behold the retro pin cushion (with designer fabric and coordinating shrinky dink pins!)

I tied on a piece of vintage ribbon (from the same era) and added some beads for good measure. HOW FUN IS THAT?!?!?

And THEN (as if all this creating weren't therapy enough) I found HIM waiting for me when I got back from running errands!

It's Stanley the Sock Monkey! Isn't he just the sweetest? My sister (the one who purchased the Travel Gnome for our last sister weekend) found him in a flea market. She's the BEST gift giver EVER!

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! I also received this today:

Stationary, bookmarks, paper dolls, tags, stickers, from the incredible Elsiecake Etsy shop! (She had alerted her blog readers that she would be updating her Etsy shop on August 1...there were also rumors that there would be a sock monkey or two involved in said update. So on July 31 at 12:01...I was waiting ready to pounce on the first sock monkey treasure to hit her shop. I was overcome with sock monkey joy! I have a feeling there will be a photo shoot in Stanley's immediate future...

"I'm ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille!"

More soon!


Paula Clare


Anonymous said...

How fun AND cute!!


Rebecca Ramsey said...

What amazing creations! Love them ALL!

And thank you so much for your thoughtful and helpful comment. I am going to make one of those books of home pictures. That's a GREAT idea! And groceries and art from home are very smart ideas too. I want her to feel our presence in her new nest and that will really help. And you know I'll be praying too. Every other second probably--at least for the first few weeks!

It is so wonderful to have helpful and loving new friends like you!
I'm so glad I started this blogging thing!
Love, Becky

Queen Bean said...

Paula, I just received your awesome surprise. You are so talented...halloween is my fave season to decorate for, so i am quite excited. Check out my blog, I posted pics. Thanks, Deana