Tuesday, July 22


*shaking fist at computer*

Oh. Hello. Greetings dear reader!

Forgive me if my initial "hello" is less than congenial today. I have fought with technology all day and must, at this hour confess that the score is Technology 2 , Paula Clare 0 (That's ZERO).

First of all, my email account of MANY, MANY years was hijacked by some malicious spammer. An email went out to everyone in my address book...EVERYONE. And their email addy's were VISIBLE in the "TO" line. (Bear in mind, gentle reader, that I am one who guards vehemently your personal email accounts...always taking care to blind copy rather than visibly copy in when I am writing to more than one or two. HOWEVER, malicious spammers seem to care not that not only MY email was compromised, but so was the email of everyone else.) GRRRRRRRR.

And THEN, (Oh yes, there's more!) I tried to change everything over to gmail...using the same basic address (to eliminate the anguish of everyone trying to remember my new one) and Blogger tells me I can't use a Gmail account as my primary email address?!?! WHAT?!?! Isn't Blogger a GOOGLE product? And isn't GOOGLE the one who came up with GMAIL in the first place? Am I on another planet or does it seem technology is indeed conspiring against me? Now I can't get RID of the hotmail account at ALL?!?! WHAT?!?!

I am not one prone to violence, (indeed, ask ANYONE who knows me and they will tell you that I am a peace loving, daisy-giving, Gandhi-esque hippie child who means harm to no one) and YET I AM ready to march the technoguru in charge of such things to the guillotine. OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!! '

I digress. And so how is YOUR week? Is it REEEEEEEEALLY only Tuesday? SHEESH!

Let's move on to happier topics, shall we? (A temporary stay of execution is granted for said technoguru...whoever you are!)

How about an RAK? I'll send something to YOU for posting a comment here (feel free to chime in on the technology rant, or just offer condolences and chocolate and all will be well) between now and 6 a.m. CST. I may award RAKs to previous commenters, or just take today's...not sure. Regardless, let's think happy thoughts shall we?

And now, I leave you with this image of inspiration, hope and love:


Debbie said...

sounds like you had a wild day....hope you get things straightened out..



BellaKarma said...

How 'bout a happy medium? For example: shove those daisies down the throat of the techoguru? ;-)

scrappysue said...

well, it's wednesday here paula, but i feel your pain! damn computers!!! i didn't play the video, but have seen it many times. can't watch it without crying! so inspirational

Anonymous said...

I'm late, but I was pulling up the rest of the carpet yesterday. Can I rant about the stupid stair railing that I no longer give a rip whether it EVER goes back on? It's not like I walk down them anyway. Feeted people can do so at their own stinking risk.

LOVELY day here too sister.


Miss Angie said...

What insanity...oddly enough the email I got didn't have your last name on it?? I guess the spammer changed the last name in hopes I would open it or something?? How bizarre?? Well,any hoot,I wish you good luck in working out your mail maladies ...

Cheery Smiles to You~