Tuesday, July 8


Greetings, dear reader! Are you staying cool on this muggy July day? We here in Southern Illinois continue to have temperatures in the high nineties with "matching" humidity. ARGH! It causes a meteorological phenomena called "heat index." It is the way the temperature FEELS when factoring in humidity. When temperatures are in the nineties anyway, I've learned it the greater form of wisdom NOT to know. Yes, truly, in this sweltering sauna we lovingly dub "Southern Illinois" , ignorance is truly bliss. Well, I don't know what brought all that on...I'm SURE you didn't come to my blog for a weather report...oh my gosh! I must be getting old! I am becoming one of those old people who talk about the weather...like we can DO anything about it anyway!? SHEESH!

ON to the good stuff! I titled this post "Go Green" because several folks have asked me about the little peace book I made...and what's it made of, etc. Well, because I DO believe in recycling in my art, I used bingo cards from a kids game I found at a Goodwill store...behold said cards:

There were also tiddlywinks and a chinese checker game in the box. I left them at the cabin where we stayed in Colorado for future game players.

A fellow blogger knows that I love to create AltAred Books...she found some old kids books at a thrift store and thought of me! She is sending them to me as I type! Isn't that amazing?I just LOVE trying to repurpose things and find their "artistic" voice! I'm not very good at it...that is, I don't collect junk and such, but I love it when people "get me" you know?

In making my Grungeboard project, I used (obviously) Grungeboard and the paint chips, photos, and write ups found in the home repair/paint department at Lowe's. It was great fun shopping for the "dream rooms" as well as being able to decide what paint colors I wanted to use (in my dream world, I can HAVE the most coveted designer paint!) And so, without further adieu:

The photos in the above project were taken from our trip to Antigua, West Indies. It is truly the inspiration for the "cottage by the sea" that we long for. Are you surprised that our "dream home" would be by the sea? (Especially given my previous tirade about humidity?) Well there's tropical islands that ARE indeed humid,(likeJamaica) and then there are other tropical islands that are tropical but NOT humid and infact, experience drought. Antigua is one of those islands...always tradewinds...always lovely. We've truly never been to a place we loved as much...however, given the fact that our grandbaby (who is turning 1 on Saturday!) is STATESIDE U.S., the thought of living out of the country is just a bit too much for this gramma and grampa to think about! THIS face...:

will win every argument to the contrary!

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Anonymous said...

Very nice!!! I still LONG to get into some messy art, but I have managed to do a lot of the tedious things I always put off while I've been doing the house stuff.


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@yahoo.com@yahoo.comI'm glad that you dropped by my site. That makes I find your site and fall for your lovely pieces =]