Saturday, June 14


Greetings dear reader! Have you missed me???

I had a wonderful time with my sisters...and wanted to introduce you to our travel companion:

Since my youngest sister is traveling all over the U.S. in anticipation of her trip to Sudan, my OTHER sister (who has a fun but warped sense of humor) decided she needed a traveling a "Travel Gnome" accompanied us everywhere we went.

After an early morning wake up (and YES, THEY DO for those of you who have always wondered: "Do gnomes sleep with their hats on?"):

we made our way to our first destination. With the threat of severe thunderstorms, and clouds that were hanging in ominous funnel shapes,we went to an altered artist's mecca: Red Lead Paper Works.

Here, gnome and sisters about to embark on their first experience with the altered art goodness that is
Red Lead:

Sister and gnome patiently await their turn during check out:

Gnome purchases:

More soon!



Cat said...

more more more! i am loving the videos :)

paula clare said...

Cat, you are one sick puppy! But thanks for being my one-woman fan club! Autographed 8x10 coming your way! LOL!

Anonymous said...

What fun!!! I shall be hiding from you by the end of next weekend I fear :P

scrappysue said...

fun! my SIL has a gumby that shows up in all sorts of places!