Monday, April 14


Greetings, readers! Have you succumbed to the "dare blogs" and/or the layout challenges as I have? It's like my childhood nemesis standing with her tongue stuck out at me saying, "Na na na na na, you can't do it..." in that sing-song-y, bully-like fashion. I just can't bear it! And so, I've determined to take on more challenges...the added benefit is that it gets me into a creative place where I am often inspired to keep on creating! And that's a good thing, yes?

Anyhoo, the New Zealand blog has posted challenge # 43. It's from an ad layout they found inspiring:

And here's my "version" of said ad (with of course my favorite photo subject, my grandson):

When I see a cluster of pictures grouped together, I instantly think, "Collage." Of course, I instantly think, "collage" whenever I am inspired by most ANYthing. (blush)

Check out the's a hoot!

By the way, have you left a comment for the Giveaway yet? Hmmmmmm????


scrappysue said...

gorgeous layout! i used to do this challenge religiously! won twice even! REALLY need to slow down on the blogging and get back to some scrapping!

Twobees said...

What a great layout, love the take on the challenge. What a wee cutie there :)

Contessa Kris said...

Have I told you about the challenge blog I'm a part of? You might like it. There's a prize every week too! I didn't have a creation there this last week but I did the 2 weeks before and I will have one added this week. Come play along!