Friday, April 25


As those of you who follow my blog may remember, I have confessed to recently going through some kind of "dismembered doll head" phase. I have recently come upon some wonderfully creepy dollheads, (from dear friend Dusty)

Anyhoodlyhoo, without further adieu, I give you the "SPRING DOLLHEAD COLLECTION: How Does Your Garden Grow?"

You will see the above "collection" in many more photos and places...Photoshopped and otherwise...I'll keep you posted!

DING! DING! DING! NEWSFLASH! Taking the very good suggestion by Terisa (see comments) I have created a new Flickr Pool: Creepy Doll Heads! :-) We with weird obsessions must stick together!)

More soon!



Leah said...

thats creepy. I'm afraid I'd have to close their eerie little eyes in order to be able to sleep in that room again. love you you weirdo.

Lola Enchanted said...

I think they are amazing! Very magically charming!!! I may just be inspired by you to do something like this!!!!!

Nice blog you have here!~

Angeleenee said...

OK "Chucky", that's interesting to say the least...bizarre to say the most. Please tell me those little darlings aren't part of the giveaway??? *GULP*


Sabii Wabii said...

I love the creepy doll head thing! You should start a flickr pool...

paula clare said...

WHAT A FAB idea! I'm on my way to Flickr now!

Anonymous said...

Have you considered therapy, I could find you a referral..HA...Great job though--how interesting!!!

Hoe was beheading them? I know that was creeping you out a bit.

Back to sanding for me!!!

ngaire B said...


NOt a fan of the doll head thang... but am I a fan of YOU???

YES I am, indeedy do!

glad you enjoyed the peaK INTO MY ART ROOM BABE. and there is PLENTY of room for your art quilt! Be assured of that.:))))

Cat said...

OK--I can totally appreciate the artistry in that. The heads in the smaller pots remind me of fairies poking their heads to peek!