Friday, April 18


My baby Paul is engaged to the lovely Leah James! They are planning a November wedding! It's SO exciting! I'll have another beautiful daughter! YAY!

Their song selections: I'm In Love With You by Joy Willams and Sex Bomb by Tom Jones. I'll leave you to figure out which engagee picked out which song! lol

More soon!



Cat said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! The picture is lovely :)

scrappysue said...

congratulations to the happy couple! such great news!
hey! did u do the draw for your spring giveaway yet?
i'm also hosting another giveaway - come check it out! and i did that #8 wired dare - thanks for your inspo!

Anonymous said...

Felicidades de Puerto Rico! I am a Wedding Planner from the enchanted island of Puerto Rico! Just by chance I reached your blog and could not resist... would they like to have a destination wedding... I can make it happen...check out my blog....!

Mucha suelte! (Much luck!) Lisa Rodriguez :)