Saturday, March 29


The Grand Hall of the Palace of AltAred Art was abuzz with conversation and music. Each guest would arrive all adazzle in their fabulous gowns...and were then announced to the awaiting crowd at the bottom of the Great Staircase. Guests included the Duchess of PinkingShire accompanied by her escort the Duke of Earl, Lady Catherine with her escort Sir Snaps A Lot, Madame "D" from the eastern Kingdom of Fairland, and of course, yours truly, the hostess and Queen of the Palace, Paula Clare.

Guests mingled as waiters in tuxedos served them champagne and other bubbly treats in goblets from silver trays. Seafood Appetizers sat around an enormous and elegant ice sculpture. The buffet tables seemed to go on for miles. Our pastry chef, Pierre, came out to personally see that things were up to his standards. (He even gave guests a recipe for FABULOUS banana crepes with chocolate hazelnut creme. Beyond scrumptious!)

The main ballroom was aglow with paper lanterns, white twinkle lights suspended in birch trees (which had been brought in from the undeveloped part of the Palace grounds) and the ambient glow of tiki torches. Sod was under foot...inviting all who attended to kick off their shoes and dance barefoot in the grass.

The orchestra played classic ballroom music: waltzes, foxtrots, swing, rumbas, tangos,

and even a rather "undignified" jitterbug or two. The dancing went on well into the night...the attendees would alternate between dancing, mingling, and keeping the waiters "hopping" as they kept the liquid refreshment flowing.

Ballroom bloggers were then called into the Grand Hall for an award ceremony, in which two lucky bloggers were given a plethora of Stampington Stamps and Altered Art Images.

All in all, fun was had by all! The Bloggers Ball may well become an annual event at the palace!

Oh, by the way...changed the header and blog colors again...the background for the header was created by the amazing Rhonna Farrer. Her stuff is the BEST!

More soon!


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