Thursday, February 28


Dear Reader,
Today I write to tell you that I may be participating in my FIRST EVER VINTAGE SWAP! I've never done the swap thing before, but I absolutely DROOL over the treasures sent back and forth. I have several instructions to fulfill, but the first is to answer the following questions about spring. (Does anyone else feel like winter in Illinois has been ETERNAL this year? It keeps spitting snow and raining ice and ... ugh. I am just so utterly READY FOR SPRING...

And so I give you:

Here are the questions...after I answer them, she will match me up with someone FAB in the swap...isn't that WONDERful?

a. What's your favorite part of spring? The blooming of the Dogwood and Redbud trees.
b. What are your favorite flowers? Sunflowers and Daisies
c. What types of hobbies/crafts do you enjoy? Altered Art, Scrapbooking, Vintage Art Quilts
d. What types of vintage do you collect or look for? Vintage fabrics, embroidery, kitcheny-things (tea towels, aprons, etc)

e. Any allergies or things that you absolutely can't stand? I have a very sensitive "smell-er". I do not like florals or fruity smells...I detest cinnamon flavored/smelling ANYTHING. I like earthy, woodsy smells (patchouli is my favorite)

I can't wait to see who she matches me up with! Her blog is just an absolute joy. You MUST run and see it ...GO! NOW! I'll wait. Vintage Indie

Did you go? Isn't the blog a little slice of heaven? Today I was blessed with a bouquet of my favorite flowers..behold:

They were a little wilty from the cold transport from the office to my home, but they are perking up and will soon be a little spot of sunshine in my craft room.

I'll take photos of what I prepare for the swap...and of course, what I receive!

More soon,


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