Wednesday, February 6


Okay, so it's not really a Valentine...but I thought it was Sooooooo cute. And funny. So ... there you go.

Blessed Ash Wednesday, to you!

Just for fun, here's a few little known facts about yours truly:

1. I am a Franciscan (a monk) with the Order of Ecumenical Franciscans. I am currently serving as the order's Fellowship Coordinator.

2. I single-handedly write, preach, serve, sing, produce and conduct a liturgical Ash Wednesday service each Lent.

3. Ash Wednesday is my favorite liturgical "holy day."

4. I have conducted retreats on poverty and simplicity.

Now you are "in the know!" (All of you who suspected I might be a flower child, hippie tree're right! Well, MOSTLY right!)

Also, I promised a BONUS's one of my faves. It's one of the older ones and is very brittle, but truly a classic from 1901 Germany: A jointed Teddy Bear!

Remember, I'll be giving away a FREE sheet of vintage valentines to one (or a few) lucky winners who leave a comment before February 13th. (All repeats!)

More soon!



Cat said...

Wow!! You're a monk--how cool. I love your blog as well. The mouse and the cookie are soo cute. Just working on schedule logistics before I commit to altered weekend. It sounds great and I really want to come :)
Have a great day and thanks for checking out my blog!

Angeleenee said...

Hey Paula~

Just stopped by to say I love all the gorgeous valentines!!! They are so wonderful!!!