Thursday, January 17


Greetings gentle readers! Because I truly DO you...I am going to give away a digital valentine once a week until Valentines Day, at which time one lucky reader will receive an entire sheet of valentines! A little history about these very vintage valentines: I was recently able to make an "estate purchase" of a collection of old, vintage valentines dating as far back as the turn of the century, 1904! Many were made in Germany, (which would have been 8 years BEFORE World War 1!) Some are charming, some are quirky, and others are just weird. All are valentines that have been used "in real life." In many cases the "TO" "FROM" is hand written in what looks like a child's scrawl. TOO CUTE!

Anyway, you'll not know which DAY I will be posting said check back daily! So, without further adieu, your first valentine:

Isn't he absolutely adorable? This is one of my faves...made in Germany in 1904. There is no "inside" to this great "valentine tradition" this is a simple one layer paper greeting.You'll note on his little hat it says "Valentines Greetings." Simply right click to save the's a .png and so should be compatible with most photo editing software. YAY! I love to share treasures! Enjoy!


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angeleenee said...

What a slendid valentine!!! Thanks for sharing with us....your public!!