Thursday, January 24


Greetings, friends! I am writing to share with you two of TOO MANY projects I am currently working on...(lots going on in the fam and in my practice and art is how I keep my sanity...ergo, lots of stress = lots of art!)

My first offerings are a set of Valentines Day Coasters...created with two of my favorite things: Love, Elsie and my grandson Mason! The second is a fold up Valentine created from envelopes. EASY projects! Email or comment if you'd like easy how-to instructions!

More soon!


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Wendy Malichio said...

Hi Paula! Thanks for your posts on my blog and the Paper House blog. The "Impressions" line by Paper House is papers, cardstock stickers, diecuts, rub-ons, transparencies, etc. of fine art paintings by Monet, Renoir, Cezanne and so on. Beautiful images too because we work directly with the Art Institute of Chicago so we can use the actual image where as others can only use a percentage so the quality is lost. This line is used by a lot of altered artists so if you win I'm sure you will just love it!!

Your Valentine coasters are just adorable!! How clever to use his artwork!! I love it! Again, thanks for stopping by!!!