Thursday, December 13


Merry Thursday everyone!

Those of you who are everyday readers of my blog (THANK YOU and you KNOW who you are!) will recall after my last giveaway I promised another FREE GIVEAWAY just in time for Christmas...

Leave a comment here (with your name and city, and/or country) to enter! I will be giving away a Christmas goodie box which includes some of the handmade items previously mentioned on my blog, as well as some cute scrapbook goodies (including Daisy Ds, Heidi Swapp, Love, Elsie, Bampop, vintage book pages, hardware, stickers and more!) AND another FAB AltAred Art journal!

I'll post a few pictures later...but believe me, this is a cute, delightful potpourri of fun scrapbook and altAred art goodies! AND (as a thank you to ALL of my readers) I will be giving away BOTH a national AND an international prize! WOOHOO! What better way to say Merry ANY language?!?! (Please leave your comments in English..I am sorry to say the only other language I speak is my Love Language: GIFTS!)

I will choose one winner from the U.S. and one from an "out of the country" entry! I will mail both goodie boxes prior to Christmas, however, given the "late hour" and the US Postal Service typical holiday traffic, said boxes may not reach their destinations until after the Christmas holiday...just in time for some post-holiday stress-relieving creativity!

You have 24 hours...GOOD LUCK!


Angeleenee said...

OK...I'm gonna be first the first one to get in on this!!! PICK ME PICK ME!!! *ha ha*

With Crossed Fingers~

Ngaire B said...

OOOOOOOOOOh out of the country girl here!!! LOLOL
Would LOVE to be the of your gift box, babe!

sitting here in 100F weather, in a tank top and shorts... wishing for a bit of COOL Chrissie cheer! :))

Peace and love.,

Kari said...

Hi Paula - I love your doves that you made for the ornament swap! They are very cute. I'll get in on the give away as too! (grin)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

flickerdoodle said...

Patty Flick just left her name and I am from Mt. Vernon IL and my email address is: God bless you Paula for your creativity and commitment. You are a special lady. Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Walks calmly, carefully, to put my name in the hat. Squeaaaaaal!!!!

Aria said...

Yay! I'm second! woOt!
50% chance! pretty good, i'd say!
Love ya Aunty!

Anonymous said...

Awwww. I want her to pick me, Angeleenee!

Pick me, Sistuh, pick me!

Anonymous said...

Whoops! I so didn't follow directions.

Name: Claudia Mair Burney
City & State: Inkster, Michigan

Debbie said...

No way Angie....She is going to pick me..pick me....Her work is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Beautiful.
Love you Paula,


Debbie said...

Oppps guess I didn't follow directions either.

Debbie Branch
Kell, Illinois

paula clare said...

Ladies! Ladies! No free for alls here! Tis the season for..."peace on earth, good will toward men...(and women) teehee! Party on, sistuhs!

Leah said...

Hey there! I wanna win too! Mom. Hey. hey. heyheyhey. look at me!!! Love you!

Dannah said...

Well just letting you know, I do read the blog but with my finals, I am just now checking in. Bummer.