Monday, October 1


Peace and Joy to you, dear readers!

I'd like to share with you an amazing "find" artist who is Franciscan to her core. She is not "officially" a member of a Franciscan order, but I learned while listening to her explain her artwork to me that she has a love for creation and a desire to see even the most "useless" items turned into artistic treasures. She said, "Some friends give me gifts, my REAL friends give me trash..." Darlene is a great Christian woman...her work is inspired by scripture. Each piece is about 2 ft. x 3 ft. She seems to do things on a "grand scale." You simply will not BELIEVE the things this woman can do with a used coffee filter...

Some of the recycled items used are driftwood, pinecones, broken mirror, beads, marbles, sticks, old fencing, chicken wire, screen, paper pulp, old screen doors, cardboard (of all descriptions), linoleum flooring, used coffee filters, old keys, string, rusted license plates, metal washers, sewing patterns, fibers, leaves, leaf pods, twigs, springs from spiral notebooks, cocoa beans, sawdust, even plastic army men!

Each of these items are one of a kind, and are currently displayed in Darlene's home, studio, and shop. Any piece is available for purchase! I can also give you a list of materials used for each piece. Darlene is glad to create commissioned works ... she is happy to share her gift with the world!

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