Wednesday, October 10


I have found the most WONDERFUL book: Artful Blogging. In Stampington's usual fantastic style, the magazine is full of eye candy, beautiful photos, and writing found on many artistically FABULOUS blogsites.

Many of you readers know what a bird lover I am ... just look at the fabulous mixed media collages from The Red Door Studio:

The magazine is full of such beautiful images as these...but also images "in process"... like Crafty Girl Kelly Angard's site Kelly's website is photography, words and art...perhaps she processes things much like I do???

Words and art are so intertwined I can rarely separate the two...thus my love for the anything-goes AltAred Art style of collage. Oh! Speaking of AltAred Art, I am teaching a class on Saturday, October 27th from 10-2. Anyone who is even slightly intrigued with the idea, or if you just like to make a mess...join us! You can email me privately for more info. We're going to start off with basic AltAred Books...I've discovered it takes some folks a bit of time to remove their mother's voice from their heads: DON'T MARK IN THOSE BOOKS!!! DO have faith...I have managed to eradicate "the voice" and have duct taped the mouth of the "inner critic." The creative process is worship for me...thus the AltAred Art...I put all I do - all I create on the altar as an offering of thanks and grace to God.

More AMAZING websites and info from the Artful Blogging mag...and of course, my "Friday Finds"...Stay tuned!

Peace Out!

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