Monday, September 17

Hi Honey, I'm Hooooooooooooome!

I am back from the AACC conference and wow...does my brain hurt! I walked my legs to stubs and overtaxed my mental faculties the entire 4 days...but learning is SO MUCH FUN!!!

Anyway, two of my classes were taught by medical doctors, one a neurosurgeon and the other a psychiatrist. They showed images (scans) of the brain after a period of depression, alcoholism, ADHD, caffeine...WOW...what a MESS! They then explained the connection between neurological activity (or the lack thereof) and extended, untreated mental illness. And THEN (for free) they threw in a brain that was a heavy caffeine drinker and compared it to a healthy brain. OH MY GOODNESS. He said that the brain is 80-85% water and caffeine (as everyone knows) DEHYDRATES it and THEN it begins to misfire. The picture was truly a shriveled little mess...see more examples of these brain scan images at Dr. Amen's website.

SOooooooo, guess who's sworn off caffeine? Yes, it's true (COLLECTIVE GASPS HEARD FROM MY READERS) *I* the solidly sworn 42 oz. bucket-o-Coke drinker shall seek to give up the foul drug in an effort to restore my brain to a healthy plumpness. So water it is.

So, a final farewell to coffee...homage to my drug of choice...I submit to you the following:

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